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Cloud software for growing companies.

Hubb comes with a whole armour of tools to help manage your company.
We are hard at work to release new features everyday.

Company Dashboard

Company Dashboard provides a singular view into your company. Employee Count, Onboarding Count, Pending Time Reports, Projects, Total users and access to many other features within Hubb. The Dashboard is evolving and beta customers are requested to give us some feedback into what else you would like to see in the dashboard.

Customize Hubb

Customize your Hubb by adding custom fields that suite your business. Additionally you can edit / delete Hubb’s predefined fields in the configuration section. Some of the custom configurable fields are Work Locations, Departments, Employment Types, Insurance Options etc. You can access the Configuration screen from the Administration menu. You can also use our Feature Visibility tab to enable / disable various features of Hubb.

Manage Employees

Manage your Employees lets you do various functions in terms of managing employees.

  • Create, Update Employee information.
  • Onboarding / Terminate / Rehire employees
  • Employee Directory lets you search for various employees across the organization.
  • Employee Org Chart - Coming soon.

Employee View

Success to managing your employee is in the detail. If you can have all the details of the employee in one location, how easy is it to not only onboard new employees, but also to keep the information upto date. Track any of the following:

  • Compensation
  • Immigration, Work Status
  • Insurance & Other Benefits
  • Compliance

Employee self-service will allow employees view what the HR views and can request changes. This feature coming soon!

Users and Roles

Hubb provides some default roles. Create, Edit and Manage your roles and users with ease.

  • Change a user’s role or filter users by roles.
  • Requesting users to join your company on Hubb using the Invites tab.
  • Association requests are another way for all users to join your company on Hubb.
  • You can use Hubb’s predefined roles or create your own.
  • Users and Roles could be accessed using Administration Menu.

Employee HR Requests

Employees can communicate with HR very effectively by submitting HR requests online.

  • No more emails to HR about address changes, benefits enrollment or other HR related issue.
  • They can submit and can check the status of their requests online.
  • HR does not have to worry about missing emails.
  • Every employee’s requests will be attended to in the order in which they were submitted in Hubb.

Time and Expense Reporting

Time and Expense reporting has never been so simple. If you rely on paper-based time and expense entry, this will make your life much easier.

  • Employees can enter time and expenses on a weekly basis.
  • They can enter expenses relating to that weekending.
  • Receipts could be attached online.
  • Once submitted, the approval process is online and simple.
  • Approve and reject process available.
  • Time and expense reports could also be approved by external approvers like your clients.
  • Users can enter time associating to multiple projects.

Time and Expense Detail

Viewing an existing time and expense report is necessary for most tasks for the payroll department or for project managers.

  • Project Managers can view and approve or reject a report.
  • Multiple projects can be associated to a single user.
  • No limit on how many timesheets a user can create.
  • Monthly time report can be viewed to see a high level monthly time and expense report.
  • Missing timesheets will help you figure out who has been not entering their time in the system so that you could reach out.

External Approvers

You can get your timesheets approved by external users who many not be part of your organization. This is a quick and easier way to get the timesheets approved by a manager / lead without a login. Hubb will email a link to the external user contact to approve the timesheet. The link will expire after approving / rejecting the timesheet.

Vendor Management

Are you feel that the process of managing vendors was tough. Dont worry we have come up with a simple vendor management with effective implementation.

  • Your entire vendor management process in one place.
  • Invite vendors to hubb to be part of your supplier network.
  • Track vendor paperwork, agreements and other attachments online.
  • Vendor personnel can enter time in your projects and you could approve them.
  • Create Purchase Orders (POs) for your vendors to accept online.

Vendor & Invoice Management

  • Receive invoices from vendors online No more emailing, faxing and missing invoices.
  • Approve/Reject invoices and update payment details so that both parties has visibility about payments.
  • All invoices are tied to a Customer PO.
  • Invoicing process is so seamless and transparent for both parties.
  • Tremendous amount of efficiency in the process.
  • Vendor also can view their customers and related POs & Invoices in one place.
  • Online Payments to Vendors coming soon!